Booty Parlor: Not Your Mom's Tupperware Party

— by Caroline on Crack

Naughty Bubbles

Guys are lucky. They have big ol’ movie theaters where they can watch porn, a gazillion porno mags to choose from at the newsstand and a flourishing porno movie industry dedicated to keeping them happy.

Women on the other hand aren’t as lucky as it’s not as socially acceptable for us to be so open about our sexuality. Sure, there are sex shops out there that are women-friendly, like Good Vibrations and Hustler Hollywood, but it’s still intimidating for us to shop for toys. So many questions, too many we might be embarrassed to ask.

So when my friend Andrea proposed throwing one of her Booty Parlor parties during our girls’ getaway weekend, I was all for it.

Booty Parlor Display Booty Parlor is this great online store that specializes in selling everything from lingerie to body treats to love kits to sex toys. But what I especially like about it is that they throw these parties where a rep will actually come over with various products and samples for eight or more of your friends to check out.

This way you can ask all the questions you want, even tell the rep what you have in mind and have her make suggestions, all in the comfort of your home among your close friends.

I think it’s a great idea for bachelorette parties, a girls’ night in, or even for a party you and your significant other throw for other open-minded couples. Just fill out this form and a “Bootician” will contact you to discuss the details. Bonus is that you get a Booty Parlor hostess gift for throwing one: temporary tattoos and a toy among other things.

Some of the popular items at our party:

Good Girl/Bad Girl Whipper/Tickler ($22): One end is maribou feathers for tickling while the other end is fringed with rubber whipper strands. We tested this out on each other and the strands didn’t hurt too much, but just enough to get someone’s attention.

Add Magic Lubricant ($16): The girls liked this because once applied, it stays in one place instead of running all over.

Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer — Cruisin’ for a Bronzin’ ($32): There are three different colors of Dust Up to choose from but this one was popular for its bronzing effect, plus it smells and tastes like cinnamon French toast. Who can resist that?

Fukuoku ($32): This toy was popular for its discreet size, interchangeable sleeves to vary texture and the suggestion that it’s not as intimidating as most toys for men to use on their partners.

Things I learned at this party:

Playing with toys Any sex toy made in Japan has to have a little face on it since it’s illegal to sell anything obviously sexual there.

Rubbing alcohol is better to use than soap when cleaning your toys.

Toys with cords are better than cordless ones since the latter can be heavy with all the batteries and therefore difficult to maneuver.

The popular Rabbit isn’t the best one since it requires three C batteries AND its cordlessness makes it difficult to wield.

Guys like Rock…to use on themselves.

BONUS: And if you prefer to just buy stuff online, type in the discount code “SATISFIED” at checkout and receive 10% off!