L.A. Treasure Hunt: The Amazing Race for Charity

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by Netomer

Flickr Shot by Netomer

I was hooked on TV’s Amazing Race for one season but after several seasons (are we on the 20th Amazing Race season now?) it just started to seem ridiculous. What’s funny though is that now when I travel I think like an AR contestant: “What’s the fastest way to get there?!” “I have to beat that person to the gate!” “You hesitate, you’re dead!” “Who speaks English?!”

So I’m still left with the urgency of having to get to whatever destination right quick. That’s why I think I’d do well with this L.A. Treasure Hunt. You follow clues, pedaling your bike (no cars allowed) from one destination to the other (throughout Echo Park, Silverlake, Downtown LA, Los Feliz, and Koreatown), collecting goods all the way. And whomever completes the hunt, solving the 10 clues the fastest wins “The Grand Prize,” over $2,500 in swag.

What makes this better than the Amazing Race? Instead of busting your ass all over the world competing against materialistic a-holes for big money, you’re pedaling your darnedest all over L.A. competing against other Samaritans to help out the Union Rescue Mission. The clues that you will be collecting and transporting for this hunt — canned food, children’s clothes and shoes and toiletries — will all be donated to the URM the next day.

What? You want more than a pat on the back, a chance to win cool stuff and a killer workout for participating? Well, before the race, all participants will enjoy a barbecue party with free ice cream, food (vegan-friendly) and some beverages. And post-hunt there will be an after-party at the Echo in Silverlake, featuring bands, a good time and more patting on the back. That’s quite a lot you’re getting back for your six bucks and your time.

You can sign up online or on the day of the race.

Items required to participate:

  • $6 entrance fee day of hunt
  • A bicycle
  • A backpack/messenger bag
  • A team of 5-6 people
  • A Polaroid camera with film

EVENT: Sunday, April 2nd at 12pm for BBQ, 1pm for start of hunt

Happy hunting!

Echo Park Lake
1600-1699 Park Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90026