Artisan Cheese Gallery: It's the Cheesiest!

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by phil h

OMG do I love cheese! And when I first heard about Artisan Cheese Gallery, I was so excited: paninis with American artisan cheeses, raspberry truffles from an in-house chocolate maker, artisanal sodas as well as monthly cheese and chocolate tastings. It reminded me of the quaint cheese stores I fell in love with up in wine country.

But then I realized that Artisan is actually located all the way in…gasp!…the Valley. Studio City to be exact. Sure, I considered taking a lunch “hour” to check it out but then thought that maybe driving 17 miles for cheese during a work day might be a bit screwy. Apparently there are only two tables (with plans to expand) so I’d definitely have to take my goods to go anyway, but I’d still need more time than just “an hour” to peruse the gallery.

From Citysearch:

Dozens of artisanal cheeses grace the butcher block counter, including rarer goat, sheep and cow products ranging from Europe to Tasmania, and exclusives from small American farms. Complete any occasion with Petrossian caviar, pates, tapenades, condiments and handmade truffles in rose cassis or hibiscus.

If anything I want to hit up the monthly cheese tastings which take place Fridays or Sundays. Those cost $35 to attend and although the store is still in the process of obtaining a liquor license, you can bring your own wine. Also on the first Sunday of every month, they hold a chocolate tasting at 6pm.

Bread is delivered fresh daily via BreadBar and used to make their impressive range of worldly sammiches: ten grilled cheese hot pressed sandwich ($8.75); Majon, Manchego and Grana Padano cheese panini with almonds ($7.75); and the prosciutto sandwich with honey-date chutney, lemon chevre and arugula on a baguette ($8.95).

Let’s see, it would probably take about 30 minutes to get there from Santa Monica, 30 minutes to order and wait for it, and then 45 minutes to get back to work….hmmm.

_12023 Ventura Boulevard
Studio City, California 91604
(818) 505-0207
_ Hours: Mon-Sat 10:30am-7pm