Cocoa Bella: Gone to Chocolate Heaven

— by Caroline on Crack

Box of Cocoa Bella

Just got back from a weekend of indulgence in San Francisco: drinking, eating, pampering, shopping…eating. Considered by most to be the foodie capital of California, it didn’t surprise me at all to find that the best chocolate store I’ve ever seen can only be found in San Francisco. I’m telling you, forget Godiva’s, See’s and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They have nothing on this place.

Cocoa Bella, which opened a little over a year ago, sells the finest chocolates not from their own personal stock, but rather from 24 of the best chocolatiers from Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy, the United States, and Equador. The chocolates are displayed by country, indicated by their little country flags, and laid out neatly on marble slabs.

Described as a “chocolate lifestyle store” it caters to the serious chocolate lover, and reviews from San Franciscans can’t rave about it enough.

Picking out our own assortment of chocolates, which range in price from $1-$2 a piece, involved the same sort of precision and delicacy as picking diamonds from Tiffany’s. The Cocoa Bella employee wore gloves and placed each chocolate on a silver tray. Afterward, she carefully put each piece in its own wrapper cup and expertly fitted the pieces in a box. For about 20 pieces our total was $27. Yes, I paid $27 for a box of chocolates. And it was worth it. They had flavors I’ve never seen before like strawberry balsamic chocolate, a whiskey truffle, rosewater caramels, lavender chocolates…

From AOL CityGuide:

You’ll pay a little more, but you’ll get chocolate unlike any you may have tasted before.

The store also offers an assortment of fudge and toffees, as well as gourmet chocolate bars and cocoa mixes like Moroccan Spice. AND if you’re in town and lucky enough to be able to check it out, there’s a hot chocolate bar for those who want to drink chocolate in addition to eating it.

But if you know someone who considers themself a connoisseur of chocolate or you just want to make someone feel so pampered and special for whatever occasion, get them a box of these chocolates and make a friend for life.

2101 Union Street
San Francisco, California 94123
(415) 931-6213