Beastie Boys Screening: One Night Only

— by Caroline on Crack

Nowwww here’s a little story I got to tell about three bad robbers you know so well…that’s right AdRock, MCA and he, Mike D., have a new movie coming out. And on March 23rd only 150 selected theaters across the country will offer a sneak preview of Awesome; I Fuckin’ Shot That!

The actual release of the film will be on March 31st. But once released, it will be at fewer cities than are being hit with this one-night-only extravaganza on the 23rd. Plus only on this special screening night will you be able to see a half an hour of additional content about “the dark strange world of one of the most elusive and controversial men of our time,” the man responsible for the Beasties’ strange music videos, Nathanial Hornblower aka MCA aka Adam Yaunch.

Awesome was shot by 50 lucky fans at a 2004 sold-out show in Madison Square Gardens. Apparently these fans traded their driver license for hand-held Hi8 cameras and were given the opportunity to offer their perspective of the Beastie Boys’ awesome concert. Sure it sounds like it might be a sort of Blair Witch-esque headache to watch but I think it offers a personal touch where you get to share the excitement with fellow fans.

Check here to find out where it will be screening in a theater near you. In L.A. that would be the Century 14 in Century City. Or there’s always the Long Beach and Alhambra theaters.

Century 14
10250 Santa Monica Boulevard STE 196
Los Angeles, California 90067