Blood, Mayhem and Twins! The Shining at the Arclight

— by Caroline on Crack

And twins

“Come play with us!”

I really think it must suck to be a kid right now, with everyone trying to shield you from all the evil in the world. They won’t let you watch cartoons, music videos or scary movies for fear that you’ll go out and try and take out your little brother.

Growing up, my parents let us watch all things gory, like Night of the Living Dead, Friday the 13th and The Exorcist. They loved scary movies, so we always watched them together. And I think we kids turned out just fine. Ahem.

Anyway, this brings me to one of my favorite childhood movies: Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. We watched it so many times that the quotes from the movie became part of our little-kid lexicon during playtime. “Come play with us, Danny” my sister and I would always say to freak our little brother out.

So I’m really excited that for AFI’s “100 Years…100 Movie Quotes” screening series, one of the movies they’re screening at the Arclight is one of Jack Nicholson’s best work, The Shining. I’d LOVE to see this gem on the big screen. So many images from Kubrick’s creepy work will just, um, shine in that medium: the sea of blood coming at you in the elevator lobby, the icy grandeur of the Overlook, Danny being chased down in the snowy maze.

Go see it with your loved ones, I say.

EVENT: Wednesday, March 1 at 8pm

6360 Sunset Boulevard
Hollywood, California 90028
(323) 464-4226

Tickets: $10