Places I'll Never Show My Face in Again: Asahi Ramen

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr shot by disneymike

Flickr shot by disneymike

Asahi Ramen was the first noodle shop I went to on Sawtelle, but once I was introduced to Ramenya around the corner I had forgotten all about it. And with good reason, I found out recently.

One Wednesday when I was craving my fave Ajo Ramen (garlic ramen) from Ramenya, my co-worker and I drove on over to discover that, to our dismay, they were closed on friggin Wednesdays!

Having already driven all that way (OK, 2 miles), I suggested Asahi Ramen to sate our noodle cravings. Bad idea! Looking at the menu posted outside the door, nothing really struck a chord with us. The menu selection was so limited compared to Ramenya, although the prices were cheaper.

Nothing drew me in, and yet I went against my instincts and went inside anyway. I wanted ramen, dammit! Plus, since it was packed during this lunch hour, I figured it must be good stuff.

Miso Ramen

My co-worker decided on the miso ramen and, frankly, I don’t even remember which one I ordered, I think it was the won ton ramen. All I know is that there were pieces of pork, green onions, a hard boiled egg, and won tons (which seemed like too much noodly texture when combined with the ramen noodles) in a soy sauce soup.

Eh. It was just average. Nothing really stood out about it. My friend felt the same way about her order. She was really disappointed that it didn’t taste the way she had expected it to. And she thought that maybe they mixed up her order since she didn’t get two of the ingredients her soup was listed to have on the menu.

Anyway, suffice it to say that we were less than impressed. No leftovers for us. I only ate about a quarter of the stuff before I just had to chuck it. What was the point in saving it if I didn’t like it the first time?

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