Team Turbo Blasts Off for the Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr shot by Arnold Pouteau

Flickr shot by Arnold Pouteau

I don’t consider myself a runner at all. Sure, I run on the treadmill at the gym when I can, but I don’t run outside, I don’t have fancy running shoes, I don’t even run after taxis.

But a couple of co-workers for some reason asked me to be on their team for the upcoming Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon on April 23rd. Even though the team name is “Team Turbo” they said they don’t expect to win and that this will be more for fun than anything. Well, since they had low expectations like that, then I have nothing to lose so I was in.

The race will take place in Griffith Park. Teams of five runners divide the marathon distance of about 26 miles. Each person runs the same 5.2-mile loop then passes the baton to the next team member. So this would be great for a newbie runner like me. As the race’s site says, “[It’s] all the fun of a marathon with only one-fifth of the pain! What a deal!”

Other firsts for me come race day?

  • Wearing a race number
  • Grabbing a water bottle from fluid stations while running. I always wanted to do that!
  • Being part of a team with “Turbo” and a purple 911 cartoon on their T-shirts

Participation will raise funds to support the programs and services at Saint John’s Health Center, so in addition to all in good fun, it’s all for a good cause.

Go, Team Turtle! I mean, Turbo!