Soundtrack for L.A. Living: Slow Dancing on the Beach

— by Caroline on Crack

Happy Valentine’s Day! Make way for the cheese.

Etta James

What: “At Last” by Etta JamesWho: For all you young lovers out there on this Valentine’s Day.

When/Where: After that romantic V-Day dinner when you go for an evening stroll with your sweetheart along the beach and then spontaneously slow dance together under the full moon.

Why: The violins, the lyrics, Etta’s voice all blend together perfectly to make the most beautiful love song. “My heart was wrapped up in clovers, the night I looked at you…” Le sigh! The swaying rhythm of it evokes an image of a couple holding each other and rocking slowly to the music, oblivious to the world around them.

Cough, cough..ack! Too. Much. Cheese. OK, as you were.