Supporting a Habit: A Treat for Reloading Your Starbucks Card

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr shot by ° d i °
Flickr shot by ° d i °

I was taking stock of my financial situation last night when I realized that on average I spend about $80 a month on Starbucks. That’s right, about $960 a year on grande caramel macchiatos and pastries. I suppose if I’m going to be good I can force myself to go only twice a week (just Mondays and Fridays), bringing my yearly total down to about $530. M’okay.

How can I make sure that I stick to this budget? By investing in a Starbucks card. I’ll just reload it every first of the month and then I’ll be all set. If I run out of funds, tough. I’ll have to suffer through. Alas.

But this month, Starbucks is offering a special where, if you reload $50 on your card with a Visa, they will add on an extra $10–that’s about three tall caramel macchiatos on the house. Sweet! It makes being good a bit easier.

_* This offer is only valid through February 28._