My Flickr Addiction

— by Caroline on Crack

Geisha House bar scene

I am so friggin’ addicted to Flickr right now. I can’t think of anything else. I’ve been a member for about six months but am just now getting into the groove of it. Posting more pictures, joining groups, creating groups… and I’m not even that great of a photographer. I just love having people comment on my pictures, showing off my goods and looking at other members’ pictures.

They have groups for everything you could possibly be interested in where you can submit your photos per group subject. I just joined one for neon signs for my fascination with lights (oooh, shiny!) and another called “A Girl Watchers Club” where you post candid shots of women because I’m catty like that. No, shots of under the skirt are not allowed.

There are a bunch of Los Angeles groups and they’re even divided into city locales, but when I didn’t see one for L.A. nightlife, I had to create one. I mean, London and Atlanta have nightlife pools, and there are the general nightlife groups but I figured L.A. warranted its own. We like to go out, too! If you have pics from your night on the town that you want to show off, please feel free to join and post ’em in the pool.

Anyway, that’s why I have no new place to review today. It’s Flickr’s fault.

BTW, Rabbit Rabbit!