Many Yuks From 5 Canucks: Kids in the Hall Return!

— by Caroline on Crack

Men in dresses

Back in the mid-’90s I was a HUGE Kids in the Hall fan. So much so that I even taught myself HTML so that I could build a fan site dedicated to them. My sister and I would tape their shows off Comedy Central and then watch the tape 24/7. We’d quote them all the time which was really annoying to our non-KitHie friends.

And it’s not like we lusted after them and had a thing for men in dresses. Not at all. I don’t know how to explain how we were able to love them so psychotically and so completely without going the stalker route. Maybe it was because we were still in college and didn’t really have the time to devote to stalking them. But we just found their humor brilliant, on par with Monty Python. How can you not fall in love with the clearly insane Sizzler Sisters or evil Simon and Hecubus? Even just rereading the transcripts of the skits has me in stitches.

Anyhoo, the guys disappeared. Well, after Brain Candy, their much anticipated but highly disappointing foray into cinema, they dispersed into Hollywood. Some resigned themselves to performing stand-up, some popped up in movie/TV cameos, and one became a host for a TV celebrity poker show.

Until now. Kids in the Hall have returned! They will be doing three nights of shows at the Steve Allen Theatre, February 23rd-25th. Tickets aren’t on sale yet but the grapevine says they will be available a couple of weeks before the shows. Since it’s an intimate venue of 110 seats, tickets will probably be snapped up.

But I’m so going to be there. Word is that the guys will be performing all-new material like their early days at the Rivoli in Toronto. I’m not sure what that means but if it means pre-Lorne Michaels and pre-Brain Candy, sounds like it’ll be a night of nonstop yuks.

Steve Allen Theatre
4773 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, California 90027