Soundtrack for L.A. Living: "The CD That Will Get You Laid"

— by Caroline on Crack

Before my friend Marianna departed for London for half a year, she shared with me this little story. She, a big fan of music, was giving her guy friend a music makeover by taking him CD shopping when he asked her up front, “So which CD will get me laid?” “Robert Miles’ Dreamland” was her fast reply. Later when she saw her friend again, she asked him if he got any because of that CD. “Ohhh yeahhh,” was his smug answer.

DreamlandWhat: Robert Miles’ Dreamland

Who: Baby bachelors and bachelorettes.

When/Where: After a date when you’ve brought your conquest back to your place for a “night cap.”

Why: According to Marianna, it is the perfect soundtrack from seduction to happy ending. When I asked her if she could be more specific, she only offered, “It’s just a fabulous CD.” ‘Nuff said.