Metropolis Screening at the Orpheum: Experience Life Before Talkies

— by Caroline on Crack

Orpheum via Balcony

The Los Angeles Theatre Organ Society presents a special silent film event in partnership with the Broadway Initiative of the Los Angeles Conservancy. Watch silent movie classic, Metropolis, at the famed Orpheum Theatre in Downtown L.A. Yes, that would be the same theater where little Judy Garland got her start doing vaudeville. Who’s Judy Garland? What’s vaudeville? Oh pish-posh, look it up.

Mad scientist and robot
“I just met a robot named Maria…”
    Sci-fi classic Metropolis–influencer of such movies as Blade Runner, the Star Wars series and The Matrix–was considered the most expensive silent movie of its time as well as the most controversial with its “anti-capitalist” undertones. Rumor had it that it was one of Hitler’s faves and he tried to get director Fritz Lang to direct some of his propaganda films.

During this screening, since there obviously is no dialogue, the movie will be brought to life by the Mighty Wurlizter, the last of the great theater organs on Broadway and one of only three original theater organs still existing in SoCal theaters.

How cool would that be to watch a 1927 “blockbuster” in a 1926 theater? What’s really interesting is that the movie is set in 2026. Yup, just 20 years from now. We gotta get started on those exotic dancer robots!

EVENT: Friday, January 13th at 8pm

842 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, California 90014
Tickets: $15