Predict Your Future in a Minute: MASH!

— by Caroline on Crack


With another year ending and a new one around the corner, I’m filled with trepidation about my future. Fortunately, there’s MASH to show me how everything is going to turn out for me.

Remember, Mansion Apartment Shack House? Where you come up with three options of whom you’re going to marry, what kind of car you’re going to drive, how many kids you’ll have, where you’ll live and what your job will be…plus the Shack-equivalent choices?

Apparently MASH can see the future! My sister dug up her results from way back in 2002 and 50% of her “predictions” came true by 2005. If that’s the case, I’m really excited about my results…well, except for the “shit load of kids” part:

You will live in a Mansion.
You will drive a Silver SLR McLaren.
You will marry Keanu and have a shit load of kids.
You will be a travel writer in San Francisco.

And yes, I did include gag-inducing choices like an ex-bf and a pink ox cart. But how awesome is my future? I’d be happy with 50% of that–minus the kids part.