What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

— by Caroline on Crack

Big Ball

It’s only three days until NYE and plans are STILL not finalized. I’ve got the dinner plans down but where to countdown? My friends can’t make up their minds about where they want to go. And looking at all the “hottest” NYE events in L.A. I’m feeling overwhelmed myself and am this close to signing up for the Sierra Club’s New Year Hike & Party if it doesn’t rain. Not that that’s a terrible alternative.

Anyhoo, here are the options we narrowed the plans down to:

Gridlock 2006: This was the one the girls had settled on, even though I said with Pamela Anderson hosting and the Pussycat Dolls performing I have a feeling that this is going to be “scantily clad women and lecherous men” night. I know, it’ll be like that with EVERY NYE event, but this particular one has a 5,000-person capacity since it’s taking place on the New York City streets of the Paramount Studios backlot. Tickets range in price from general admission $125 to $1,000 where you get a backstage pass among other things. There will be four city streets and different music for each block ranging from ’80s to hip-hop to live performances. PCD hits the stage at the stroke of midnight and there’s an after party with them at the Avalon in Hollywood from 2 am to 9am. Party time: 9pm-4am.

Pros: Partying on NY city streets, tons of street vendors serving food, tickets get you free parking and all-night open bar.
Cons: 5,000 people, sounds like a crowd of sport jerseys and baseball caps.

Roaring ’20s Dollhouse NYE 2006: Now this is the one I had suggested we go to. It’s at the Day After Complex in Hollywood and it’s presented by the likes of Ed Hardy, MTV and Universal Pictures. There are four levels, 15 bars, five dance floors as well as casino tables and it’s all done up a la 1920s so that means there’s a $3,000 prize costume contest. Crowd capacity is 3,500 but hyped turnout is 4,000. Music ranges from European house, hip-hop to ’80s/old school, and tickets cost from general admission $60 to Renaissance VIP $2,000 which includes two nights at the Renaissance Hotel across the street. Party time 9pm-3am.

Pros: Partying decadent 1920s style in a historic venue complete with underground casino and renovated grand ballroom, with big backers it sounds like a hot ticket.
Cons: No open bar with general admission (in fact you don’t seem to get much with gen. admission), having to dress up as a flapper (see, I think this is a pro but my friends will have none of it)

The Lobby Supper Club New Year’s Eve Bash: In my search I found this party so I haven’t discussed it with the gang yet but check out all the goodies: open bar, midnight champagne toast, balloon drop (wee!) and only a 700-person capacity (sigh!) at a hot club. Tickets are $100 and there is no VIP anything which is fine by me. The thing is, this party is said to be hosted by MTV and Kristin Cavallari of Laguna Beach and therefore promises an A-list hip Hollywood crowd. Will $100 get you in? Party time is 9pm-9am.

Pros: Only 700 people, free alcohol until midnight with only $100 admission.
Cons: More hot girls than hot guys? “Too cool for school” attitude? What to wear?

But, shhh, truth be told, I’d be happy spending NYE in front of the tube watching the ball drop with close friends, takeout and champagne.