Soundtrack for L.A. Living: Watching the Ball Drop on New Year's Eve

— by Caroline on Crack

What:The Sunshine Underground” by The Chemical Brothers

Who: Stay-at-home NYE revellers.

When: At 11:56 pm, a little before the countdown begins.

Surrender by The Chemical BrothersWhere: Wherever there’s a broadcast of that big Waterford crystal ball dropping in Times Square.

Why: Hit “Play” at about 11:56:07 pm and you have a great soundtrack to the ball dropping. Trippy. The music almost seems to be in sync with the 696 flashing lights. There’s the buildup of the drums which sound almost tribal whipping you up into a frenzy, and then the transition in music seems to signal when the ball hits 2006. The song continues for another 4 minutes, but you’ll be dancing and jumping around in elation. Happy New Year!