A Blue Field of Dreams: The Blue Phase of Not a Cornfield

— by Caroline on Crack

If you light it up, they will come.

I keep hearing about this living sculpture in the middle of L.A.: a cornfield located on a 32-acre stretch of land north of Chinatown and south of Lincoln Heights. L.A. artist Lauren Bon created Not a Cornfield to “challenge notions of urban public space and inspire community action” (LACityBeat.com). Meant to last just one agricultural cycle, it’s now in its “blue phase” before the corn will be harvested in January. The fully grown cornfield awashed in blue light can be viewed for free nightly from 4pm to 10pm. Sounds like quite a sight to behold.

From LACityBeat.com:

…the interactive and evolving art installation has become a constellation, the fully grown stalks surrounded by towers of blue lights that map the stars in the current night sky. In addition, nearby buildings and landmarks are also bathed in blue tonight.

To volunteer to harvest the corn, check out their Web site.

Other Not a Cornfield events:

January 1st: Drum Circle + Working Sunday, where from 4-7pm, artists and drummers will come together and beat the drum, lead by premier African drummer Malik Sow. Everyone is invited just as long as you come bringing your own drum or other instrument. Corn harvesting with gardener Jaime Lopez takes place from 3-6pm and harvest organizer Olivia Chumacero from 7am-4pm.

1201 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles, California
(323) 226-1158