Liquor Is Quicker: Beverages & More for Last-Minute Gifts

— by Caroline on Crack

Dads Liquor Cabinet
Not BevMo, Dad’s liquor cabinet.

I wouldn’t be a procrastinator if I didn’t save my Christmas shopping for Christmas Eve now would I? At this point, I don’t have time to scramble around the mall looking for the gift that says “I knew you’d love this” rather than “This is all I could find.”

That’s why I love Beverages and More. OK, this last resort only works if your giftee is a fan of the drink and NOT a recovering alcoholic. But for that wino in your life, that burgeoning bartender, or even that lover of fine rare soft drinks, BevMo is the way to go. A well-chosen bottle can be a thoughtful way to say, “Because I remember how much you love [insert drink type here] so I got you the best.”

But there’s not just drink, there are bar accessories, gourmet food, snacks and gift baskets to choose from. You could assemble a theme gift together. Is your friend a big martini drinker? Why not get a fine bottle of Ketel One ($12.99), a jar of stuffed olives ($4.99) and a set of martini glasses ($14.99)?

Or if they’re building their own bar, BevMo has ice buckets, barware and martini stirrers. Winos will enjoy a bottle from the store’s extensive wine collection. Soda freaks will go ga-ga for a gift of hard-to-find soft drink. (AJ Stephans Raspberry Lime Rickey, anyone?) There’s even a professional poker kit ($49.99) complete with silver carrying case, cards, chips, etc. for that big World Poker Tour fan.

My favorite? The cubbies up near the registers offer a variety of mini liquor bottles. You can make your own premium mini bar kit with mini Grey Goose vodka, Bombay Sapphire gin, Maker’s Mark whiskey and so on.

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