Online Dating in L.A.?

— by Caroline on Crack

Dating Sims

My single friends always complain about how hard it is to meet nice people in L.A. and after my own trials and tribs in the dating scene I am apt to agree. Sure, it’s a big city and there are millions of singles out there but you can never really meet anyone relationship-worthy in bars and clubs.

So what’s a single gadabout to do? From what my friends tell me, here are my options:

Friendster: Apparently this online network is good for meeting people because you’re meeting friends of friends and even, in some cases, friends of friends of friends who can be vouched for. Personally, this site has more a “place to meet new friends” vibe than as a dating site. Hmm, but then maybe it’s just because I don’t want to date any of my friends’ friends…

MySpace: This is the skanky sister of Friendster. I only say that because everyone has about 3,000 friends on there, and almost everyone has a butt or boob shot of themselves. MySpace does have a “picking up dates at bars” feel to it, in that people dress up their profiles in club clothes and sexxxy photos to solicit attention and troll for dates. However, to be fair, I do have friends who have met significant others through MySpace. I don’t know how, but they have.

Craigslist: This was the strangest place I heard to meet other Angelenos. Simply because it reads like the personals in newspapers where there aren’t any pictures and only bite-size descriptions of what people are looking for. In this day and age of online dating, you get profiles with photos and dissertations of a person’s dreams, desires and dislikes, so why go this seemingly old-school route? But I have friends who use Craigslist to meet everyone from “casual encounters” to “men seeking men.” My favorite listings to read on there though? Missed connections. The thought of people actually connecting after listing on there just fascinates me.

Some listings:

Christmas Lights and Ziplock Bags – w4m (Trader Joe’s- Silverlake)
The Grove.. around 3 today.. you had glasses, I had.. hair… – w4m – 29 (Los Angeles)
Ralphs Baking Aisle, West LA, Tonight – w4m – 27 (West LA)

Match: This one, although well-known, feels like a last resort to me. I’m sure it’s worked fine for some people as its more in-depth profiles give seekers a better sense of seek-ees…but I dunno if I really want to start paying to meet people. I just don’t feel I’m at that point yet. But I’ve had friends meet everyone from nightmare dates to “The One” on Match.

As most single Angelenos know, online dating is tricky. Sure, you might be able to find someone who’s good on paper, but you can never predict whether there will be chemistry. So what does my lack of enthusiasm about these options mean? More opportunities to be footloose and fancy-free! Hee haw.