Comfort Food for the Common Cold: Ramenya Japanese Noodle Shop

— by Caroline on Crack

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Feeling better, already?

OK, maybe it’s taking it too far saying that Ramenya noodle soup cures the common cold but it sure makes me feel a heck of a lot better when I’m under the weather. Like today I feld a code comig ond–the sore throat, burning eyes, general fuzzy-headedness… What to do? Bland chicken noodle soup isn’t going to cut it for me.

Ajo Ramen, mmm mm goood!
    Nope, must have Ajo Ramen, Ramenya’s garlic noodle soup ($7). You definitely have to be a big fan of garlic to appreciate this dish as it just reeks of it and, oh wait, there are cloves of roasted garlic swimming in the broth. OMG! It’s so good in its garlicky goodness. Oh yeah, and there’s chicken in there, too.

And for those who believe that a spicy soup is the best remedy for a cold, Ramenya has many of those, too, labeled by a chili pepper on the menu. And they’re tongue-scorching hot.


While many Japanese restaurants tend to run towards the mild end of the spice meter, Ramenya has a few dishes that are definite sinus drainers. Of course, that’s why I go there, the spicy soups are wonderful.

In any case, there’s just something about the act of hovering over a bowl of soup so savory even dulled senses can smell and taste it, that brings me back from the brink. Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so as it seems every person I’ve introduced to Ramenya has kept coming back for more.

Just remember to bring cash as the shop doesn’t accept credit cards; and it’s closed on Wednesdays.

11555 W. Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90064
(310) 575-9337
Cross Street: Colby Avenue