Vote for Pedro (aka Me)! Voting Begins for the Urbs' Blogging Awards

— by Caroline on Crack

Yay! My Crack blog made it onto the short list for the final contenders for “Best Los Angeles Blog”–a huge feat considering all the L.A. blogs out there. Thanks to everyone who nominated it! And thanks especially to Michael who made my being on crack look good.

Urbs Blog Awards
    And now for the voting round of the program. We’re up against some pretty stiff competition but if you do like Caroline on Crack or you’re a friend, family relation, or someone who just wants a dark horse to win this thing, please vote here.

Best Los Angeles Blog

Note that you must select your choice and hit the “Vote” button for each individual category.

The polls will remain open until midnight EST on Monday, December 26.

Thanks, everybody!