Places I Will Never Show My Face in Again: Damiano Mr. Pizza

— by Caroline on Crack

Waiting to be ignored.

Now it’s not because of an embarrassing moment or terrible food. On the contrary, the pizza was pretty good in its sinful and crispy way.

Nope, this place sucked on many other levels:

  1. The lights were off so it looked like the restaurant was closed. Fortunately we went during the day so the sun lit the way for us to our booth.

  2. Even though a sign hanging overhead said that those who wanted table service should seat themselves, we still had to go to the cash register to get some attention and even then we stood there for 5 minutes in front of three people behind the counter before one of them finally acknowledged us. Sure, two of them were busy trying to open a wine bottle, but a head nod would have sufficed.

  3. Even though they have bubblegum soda, ginger beer, celery soda and six different kinds of root beer, they didn’t have any water other than the fancy $3 kind or diet Coke much to the dismay of my grumbling brother.

  4. This place is in serious need of a renovation what with sunken-in booths and holes in the seats. I mean, sure it’s a late-night favorite so most of its customers are usually too drunk to care but that doesn’t excuse neglect. I’m really surprised it only got a B grade.

  5. Everything from #1 to #4 would have been forgivable had it not taken two slices of sausage and mushroom pizza about 15 minutes to “make.”

412 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036-1717
(323) 658-7611
Cross Street: Oakwood Avenue