Vote for Pedro (aka Me)! The Urbs' 2005 Urban Blogging Awards

— by Caroline on Crack

Urbs Blog Awards
    Check this out! My little Crack blog has been nominated for “Best Los Angeles Blog” for the 2005 Urban Blogging Awards. But it turns out that I need more nominations to make it in the final roster for voting so I need your help.

If you likes what you see here, go to Gridskipper and either post your nomination for my blog in any (or all, heh) of the categories in the comments box (if you’re already an “invited” commenter) or email your nominations to

What do I get if I win, apart from the honor of being the “Best Los Angeles Blog” or (dare to dream) “World’s Best Urban Blog”? Why free Gridskipper schwag…while the winner of “World’s Best Urban Blog” gets $500 in credit with the iTunes Music Store.

From Gridskipper:

Remember, you can nominate the same blog in several categories, and you can nominate several blogs in the same category…And even if a blog you like has already been nominated, it’s worth your time to nominate that blog again — only those top blogs with the most total nominations will make it into actual voting. Nominations will be accepted until midnight EST on Friday, December 2.

Thanks, everyone, and muchas gracias, Gridskipper!