Another L.A. Moment: Mani/Pedis and Reality Stars

— by Caroline on Crack

Bai and my cheating bastard boyfriend, Jude

I was getting my nails done at my fave nail place, Main Attraction, when I noticed this cute Asian girl wearing a newsboy hat with her long, straight black hair falling out of it. She was a tiny thing in little boy jeans. Since she got to the nail drying station the same time I did I was able to sneak a quick look at her face. Unfortunately we made eye contact and I averted my eyes to pretend I didn’t notice her. I know, smooooth! She looked like that actress Bai Ling who was in that remake of the King and I and, more recently, But Can They Sing? on VH-1 where she showed that she, in fact, can’t.

I still wasn’t sure it was her until one of the nail people ran up to her when she got up and said, “Let me help you, Bai Ling.” I just thought it was funny that they said her whole name. Is it weird to just say, “Bai”? FYI: her nails were painted orange. On me? Yuck. On her? Edgy.

Anyway, after she got up, she ran outside to the Channel 4 news van, grabbed a mic, and jumped in front of the camera. Unfortunately the camera was facing the street I had to walk down…in my cheapy nail salon-provided flip flops so instead I walked in the street’s bike lane and then scurried past her.

But what’s up with all the reality star sightings paired with my beauty treatments? OK, this is only the second time but if I run into Omarosa during my bikini wax THEN it will be more than a weird coincidence.