Bollywood Nights: Sad, Little Happy Hour at Nirvana

— by Caroline on Crack

Even Buddha fell asleep

When I think “Bollywood” I think fabulous colors and huge musical productions. So I was really disappointed when I walked into Nirvana for its “Bollywood Nights” happy hour to find a low-lit zen sanctuary. There was no one else in the place except me, my friend and the Nirvana staff. It was a beautiful setting, just not what it was billed to be which was “Bollywood.”

There were canopied seating areas where I guess you lie down among the pillows or sit awkwardly around its center table. The decor highlights were the big Buddha head near a koi pond and the stone bar. On the TVs throughout, there were the Bollywood music videos as promised except they were muted to allow for the tranquil wind chime music to play on the sound system. Aww, come on! I almost fell asleep at a happy hour.

As for the $5 specialty cocktails, I ordered their vanilla vodka and chocolate concoction, which would have been fine had they made it stronger since it ended up tasting like a watery vanilla shake laced with something…vodka, I think. For tapas, we just ordered the calamari and a dish called reshmi kebab–crispy ground chicken stuffed with chili and I forget what else. Suffice it to say, it was surprisingly bland for “Indian” food. My friend observed that it just seemed like it was an Indian theme restaurant as opposed to the real deal.

Very disappointed in this happy hour. Don’t bill something as “Bollywood” or even “Indian” when you can’t deliver on the intense colors, sounds and tastes.

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Cross Street: Robertson Blvd.

Happy “naptime” hour: Mon-Fri 6-8pm