And Now 4 Online Stores for That Completely Different Xmas Gift

— by Caroline on Crack

Do malls during the holidays scare you? The following online stores are ones I keep at my fingertips just in case I need ideas for gifts that are cheap, fun, uncommon and even “thoughtful” since many of the sites even categorize the giftee: him, her, kid, host, party girl, etc. for your convenience. If you order now, you still have plenty of time to get it wrapped, packed and shipped to your lucky loved ones.

Serendipity Cocoa
    I love the Talking Japanese watches ($20)! They tell you the time in, yup, Japanese. Kawaii! Or how about pairing Serendipity 3 world famous frrrrozen/hot chocolate mix ($10) with the smiley face mug ($8) to give someone the warm fuzzies? Serendipity 3 is that famous ice cream parlor featured in that John Cusack movie with the same name.
BYOBag Lunchbag
    Raindogs: A People Store
    I love these BYOBags. They’re all made of machine-washable neoprene and insulate your goods. They have it for wine, two wine bottles, a six-pack and this lovely lunch bag ($19.99). It has two compartments to hold your food and a drink, even opening up to form a placemat.
Sunset Wine Tote
    Uncommon Goods
    The Sunset Wine Tote ($30) is perfect for those Hollywood Bowl nights as it comes with napkins, wine glasses, a reusable cork, a waiter’s tool with corkscrew and an insulated compartment to keep your wine at the correct temperature. Or for the cook who’s short on kitchen space, there’s this nifty magnetic Eat Well Speed Rack ($30) for their favorite spices.
Bachelor Mop Slippers
    You can get that bachelor friend of yours to tidy up by presenting him with these savvy bachelor mop slippers ($9.95) and this takeout menu organizer ($24.95). Or, better yet, imagine him wearing the mop slippers and shaking a cocktail in this mini croc cocktail shaker ($22)? Very sexy! Hee!