LACMA Chalk-In: An Artistic Kiss-Off for a Doomed Building

— by Caroline on Crack

Venus in Chalk
A great way to have your work displayed at LACMA.

Like building sand castles before the tide comes in, the LACMA Chalk-In presents you with an urban version: chalk-in your pastel “Birth of Venus” on the roof of a parking lot that’s scheduled to be demolished in days, with your community as well as artists Eder Cetina and Kajiah Jacobs while listening to the musical stylings of Appogee, DJ Paul Wehby, Electro Tec Services, and Henry Strange.

They provide the chalk, you provide the creativity. So bring some friends and a solid idea of what you want to leave the parking lot with before it departs the city landscape.

When: Sunday, November 27th from 11am – 5pm

Where: The parking structure on Ogden Drive between 6th St. and Wilshire Blvd. The Chalk-In will be on the top level; park on the middle and bottom levels.

For more information, call the Education Department at (323) 857-6512.

FREE to all, for all ages.