King Kong Tickets on Sale Today at Arclight

— by Caroline on Crack

I’m so excited about this movie. At first I was turned off by its blockbuster proportions but then I remembered the King Kong of 1933 (totally forgot about the horrible 1976 Kong) and how it became the stuff of my childhood nightmares: the battle between King Kong and the T. Rex, King Kong vs. the giant snake, King Kong relentlessly attacked by those damn little biplanes.

And watching the trailer, I was taken in by Naomi Watts’ awesome scream. She’s obviously casted as the “beauty who killed the beast.” Jack Black as the filmmaker who will make his movie at whatever the cost was intriguing casting as well. Not so sure about Adrian Brody…but then again I never liked that character in the movie.

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson’s reworking of the classic 1933 film opens Wednesday, December 14. Tickets will be available through opening weekend beginning this afternoon (11/23/05). The Web site just doesn’t say what time this afternoon so keep checking, I guess.