Dockweiler State Beach: Beach Bonfire Bingo

— by Caroline on Crack

Beach Party Bonfire
Not my friends, but you get the idea.

Some of my girlfriends and I have decided to throw a beach bonfire party. This fit of inspiration came after a Sunday brunch as we walked along a Playa del rey beach to settle the food in our tummies. We have wanted to throw some sort of gettogether but something different and fun. We missed the summer for a beach party so why not accommodate the earlier fall evenings with a bonfire night?

The only beach that allows bonfires is the Dockweiler State Beach where there are fire rings. I had thrown a birthday party on Dockweiler before during the summer years ago and it was one of my best memories. Just gathered my closest friends (and those willing to trek to the beach) and set up a barbecue, played some volleyball, danced around the fire pit like a bunch of crazies and toasted some smores until the fire went out. Another time I went to Dockweiler was on a nice little date where, to fend off the cold gusts of wind, we cuddled under a big blanket and toasted hot dogs AND smores. Always with the smores.

But now this beach party guest list will take on bigger proportions. So to keep it simple, we’re going to have everyone bring a Duraflame log/firewood, beverages (no alcohol allowed on the state beach ::cough:: flask ::cough::) and maybe their favorite takeout. There’s free parking along Vista del Mar or in the paid lots which are closer to the beach and you don’t have to get a beach permit unless you have 50-plus people in your party. The only thing that concerns us is the weather which is so unpredictable off the beach. Will there be fog, cold winds, or will it be fine? Just in case, I suggested everyone bundle up and bring blankets.

The beach doesn’t take reservations for the fire rings so it’s first-come, first-serve but in the fall, I don’t think we will have a problem snagging a good spot.

_8255 Vista del Mar
Playa del Rey, California 90293
(310) 305-9546
Hours: 7am to 10_pm