Golden Gopher: All That and Liquor to Go

— by Caroline on Crack

Golden Gopher

I’ve been to the Golden Gopher several times before but just have never bothered to review it. Maybe because I wanted to keep it to myself…and the thousands of downtown denizens. It’s such a cool place to hang out–a refreshing change from the Westside and Hollywood scene.

Sitting on the smoking patio looking through the strung-up lights at the tall buildings above, you really get a sense of city life, like you would in San Franciso or New York. The crowd is made up of young professionals with a sprinkling of artsy loft dwellers, and it’s a fair mix of men and women. The decor makes it possible to keep both sexes entertained. There’s a huge TV screen for those interested in the sports game of the moment as well as tabletop arcade games but sports bar leanings are offset by the elaborate chandeliers, tasteful decor and charming gilded gopher table lamps.

Happy hour is until 8pm but it’s just $1 off drinks. Nothing really stood out from their specialty cocktails list so I just stuck to my usual poison. No food, but you have the option of ordering pizza to be delivered from a place down the street. But the thing that sets Golden Gopher apart from all other bars: Liquor to go. They have their own liquor store near the entrance where you can get fairly priced liquor, cigarettes, disposable cameras, etc. And if you live in the area, you get the option of having liquor delivered to your door.

I wish the GG was closer though. I just don’t feel comfortable getting liquored up so far away from home. But I suppose I could kill time sobering up by playing Pac-Man.

Golden Gopher
    The only downside about a downtown bar? When I was walking from the Broadway Bar to the Golden Gopher, which is a mere 2 or 3 blocks away, passing the homeless and the crackheads, I saw a rat running straight for me. Usually I have no problem with rats, they’re furry and cute unlike roaches. But this one was moving very fast and he looked like he was coming at me. To get away, I tried to climb my companion as if he were a tree, but fortunately the rat ducked under a door at the last moment. So I suggest either valeting ($5) or parking near the bar if you want to avoid too-urban of an encounter.

417 W Eighth St
Los Angeles, CA 90014-3000
(213) 614-8001
Cross Street: Hill Street