An L.A. Moment

— by Caroline on Crack

You have to love the surreal moments of living in L.A.: This afternoon after getting my brows done at Chroma, I, naturally, walked over to Sprinkles Cupcakes to pick up a little sumthin. Nearing the store front, I saw some tall statuesque lady leaning on a parking meter, talking to some guy holding up a film camera. As I walked past them, he asked her, “So how are you feeling today?” from behind the camera. I dared not look at her and instead acted like I didn’t care because god forbid I get mistaken for a tourist. Passing them I heard her reply, “Umm, I’m feeling pretty good actually…” in a lazy voice that surprised me coming from a well-dressed model-type person.

So as I was paying for my Red Velvet and Chai Latte cupcakes, a woman popped up from behind me and passed some release forms to the workers behind the counter and said, “Just say ‘hi’ to her when she walks in.”

Upon exiting, I finally got the nerve to look at the woman in front of the camera. Janice Dickinson. Folks, you thought she looked weird on TV, imagine how she looks in broad daylight. Yes, extra extra weird. Like one of those Spitting Image puppets, I kid you not.

Spitting Image