Things I Covet

— by Caroline on Crack

OK, this has nothing to do with a cool new place or whatnot…but isn’t it very L.A. to covet? Surrounded by all the “haves” shopping on Robertson Boulevard and tooling about town in their Hummers… I’m not the type of girl who brags about which B-list celeb I saw at the Cabana Club nor would I wear $300 jeans and Uggs and carry a Hermes bag just cuz I saw Lindsey Lohan do the same in US Weekly. But here are the few things that make me wish I won the lotto.

Mini LoveDream Car:

The top for this Mini Convertible (Cooper S, of course) would be down sprinkles and shine.

Pit Bull puppyDream Dog:

Blue pit bull puppy to match my Cool Blue Mini. Awww! My teeth hurt! I’d call him Rocky and make him wear a little sweater.

Dream Mixer

Desirable Kitchen Appliance: Mm, the things I’d make. After watching all those cooking shows on the Food Network, I feel like I can’t make anything right unless I have this appliance.

Tat like this.Dream Tat:

Seriously, if I had the dough…and the tolerance for pain, this would be on my back.


Sex Dream: The entire Sex and the City series on 19 discs! All six seasons and a bonus disc with a guide to the hot spots frequented by the girls, a video jukebox, an “en-sex-lopedia” and more.

Nikon, I love youDream Toy:

The Nikon D200; I always wanted a digital SLR camera to take up arty photography again.

New iPodAnother Dream Toy:

60GB Video iPod, of course. I could watch my fave TV shows and music videos as well as store all the cool pics I’d take with my Nikon.

Italian villa
Dream House: An Italian villa that overlooks the Mediterranean.

Just thought I’d put this out there for the universe to hear. Ya hear me, Universe?