Bottoms Up, Little Buddha: Elixir Tonics Mini 6-Pack

— by Caroline on Crack

What a cute gift to give to the certain someone in your life who believes in sound body, sound mind; who shops at Whole Foods religiously and does yoga regularly; or who simply appreciates something that seems “so L.A.” The tonics are all-natural fruit and herb beverages formulated according to traditional Chinese medicine, and are cited to feed “the body and nourish organs back to a state of health and balance.”

There are different tonics available depending on your needs, such as the classic tonics sampled in the 6-pack; as well as the “soft tonics” that sound comfortingly familiar like ginger ale and root beer tonics; and the ever provocative-sounding “sex and morning after” tonics which promise to stoke sexuality in both men and women.

But in the Elixir mini set ($21) you get six 53ml samples of:

Elixir six-pack Depth Recharger (mixed berries and herbs) “replenishes the deep reserves of those whose reserves have been depleted by overly active stress-filled lives.”

Liquid Yoga (apricot and herbs) “calms the spirit, relaxes the senses and nourishes the heart.”

Mind Over Muddle (raspberries, plums and herbs) is a mental prowess power tonic that is said to stimulate blood flow and oxygenation to the brain through the use of Ginko Biloba thus enhancing mental clarity.

Power Plant (lemons and herbs) is a revitalizing jump-start tonic that increases energy and “harmonizes the ying” through the use of Guarana.

Tame the Elements (lemons, honey and herbs) is a “fight-the-good-fight” tonic which “boosts immunity and relieves toxicity.” Billions of people use this base herbal recipe as an herbal remedy “at the onset of a wind-cold or wind-heat attack.” Meaning cold or fever, perhaps? Clever.

Virtual Buddha (peaches and herbs). I love the sound of this one. It’s an “elation-by-the -glass” tonic/liquid path to enlightenment that “calms the spirits, nourishes the heart and tonifies Qi.” Aaahhh…

So are you supposed to drink these straight up or what? Interestingly enough, Elixir’s Web site offers drink recipes where you can make cocktails out of these little tonics.


2 oz. raspberry vodka
1 oz. Kazi mix
1 squirt of Mind Over Muddle
splash of soda
Pour into a rocks glass and garnish with a lime

2 oz. Maker’s Mark
2 squirts of Depth Recharger
Pour into a 7 oz. martini glass
Garnish with a brandied cherry

Strange that in the MindControl cocktail, the tonic that is said to enhance mental clarity is mixed with vodka…something I know doesn’t.

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