Spooky House: Get the Bejeezus Scared Out of You

— by Caroline on Crack

Scooby & Friends

Yay! Halloween is nigh and not only does that mean dressing up in elaborate costumes, but scary movie marathons, pumpkin pie martinis, Halloween parties galore and haunted house attractions!

The Spooky House in Northridge, now in its 16th year, seems to be the one to go to if you wanna get the crap scared out of you. Ferget Queen Mary’s Shipwreck (yawn!) or theme park Halloweens which end up being teenagers running around screaming. With the Spooky House, AOL CityGuide offers the following: “A word of warning: You will be scared. Not for the timid, the terror at Bob and Dave’s Spooky House is spectacularly real.” Zoinks! How fun would that be to grab some friends and dress up like Scooby-Doo and Mystery, Inc. and explore these scary fun attractions?

You get three haunted mazes filled with ghouls and goblins to choose from:

SpookyHouse 16 takes place in an abandoned movie theatre where some heinous murders are reported to have occured. And where there is violent death, there are the souls who cannot rest but haunt all those who enter.

The Bloodshed Medical Center sounds like the scariest because it’s a creepy hospital with a legend of “patients disappearing…and the hideous smell of death coming from the basement…” as well as zombies running around. “Braaiiinnnsss!”

Turbidite Manor tells of a family who haunts this Gold Rush manor as they’re imprisoned in a perpetual nightmare that they share with unsuspecting visitors.

Admission is $15 for each attraction or, the Web site says, $20 for “all four attractions.” But then it doesn’t list what the fourth attraction is. I’m assuming they mean the all-ages nightclub there called Club 13 which boasts live bands but no alcohol…boooo! Anyway, if you want VIP treatment, meaning no waiting and a private entrance, for all four attractions, the price is $26. If you have kids or are easily freaked out, there’s also a tamer children’s matinee available in the afternoon.

_19401 Pathenia Street
Northridge, CA 91324
Single Attraction: $15
All 4 Attractions: $20
All 4 Attractions VIP: $26 (Private entrance and no waiting)
Children’s matinee: $8.50 (2 attractions)

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday thru October 31st
7pm-12am on Friday & Saturday
7pm-10pm Sundays/Weeknights

This same crew also has a haunted attraction in Old Pasadena called Old Town Haunt which tells of more ghosts, legends of people gone missing or driven mad and 36 bodily remains found in recently discovered catacombs.