It's Halloween, Girls: Unleash the Sexy Beast

— by Caroline on Crack

What is it about Halloween that makes women want to dress really racy? Most guys pick their costumes for the laughs and most women pick theirs for the stares. Girls get to be wild, wear things they normally wouldn’t wear, flirt with men they normally wouldn’t attract. I can see how that can be appealing. And believe me, going in a funny costume or a biker girl outfit isn’t a good time as guys pass you up for the flirty fairy girls every time. (Another tip: Don’t wear all black, unless you want to be invisible.) So, since I decided to give sexy a try this year, I thought I should start early. I did some research and found and bought a great costume but I thought I’d post some of the Halloween costume ideas I came across here for your perusal.


Corpse Bride

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride: Sure, I hated the movie but I love this costume! OK, it’s not exactly sexy but it comes with all this stuff: a short strapless lace dress with rib bones showing through, a long flowing sheer lace overskirt/train, lace veil, wig of yarn braids, and a bouquet of faux dead flowers. charges about $200 for it.

The Girls

Sex and the City: Always felt like Sex and the City was about your life? Either get three other friends to dress up like Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte or, if you have a bf, get him to be your Mr. Big to your Carrie. He could wear a tux and smoke a cigar while carrying a glass of wine and you could wear a cocktail dress with a frou-frou skirt and strappy heels. Don’t forget to wear your hair like Carrie’s: wild waves.
Don\'tcha wanna Fanta?

The Fantanas: This is the most popular costume for Halloween. Everyone’s searching for it but there doesn’t seem to be any premade versions, at least available online so it’ll have to be something you put together yourself. I’ve surfed the Web for some ideas and came across this picture of these girls’ version of the Fantanas. Basically each girl should wear one solid bright color, carry your corresponding Fanta flavor bottle and don’t forget the wigs. This costume is perfect because not only is it sexy but it’s easily recognizable and funny.

Other movie ideas: Moulin Rouge Diamond Dogs (showgirls), Velma and Roxie from Chicago (flappers), Daisy Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard, Million-Dollar Baby/The Contender Girl Boxer



  <a href=";set_id=6079"><img src='/wp-content/alice.bmp' alt='Go Ask Alice' /><br /> </a>

Alice in Wonderland: You saw Gwen Stefani’s take on Wonderland in her video to “Whatcha Waitin’ For,” how about your own sexy version? If you get a group of girls together, you can divvy up Alice, the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat and the whole cast of characters. The Wonderland costumes are new and pretty cute. There are a bunch of different Alice ones but I like this one with the card symbols on the apron. Trashy Lingerie charges $95 for the Alice costume, shoes and petticoat.

Little Red

Little Red Riding Hood: I’ve seen a lot of Red Riding Hood costumes and this one seems to be the best-looking for the price. It comes with a spaghetti strap dress with faux corset, attached apron, and red caplet with hood–all for $40.50 at Basket of goodies and sexy boots are sold separately. If you got a boyfriend, make him your wolf with a wolfman mask and granny nightgown.

Other storybook ideas: has a bunch of sexy versions of Snow White, Cinderella and Dorothy costumes.

Good Vs. Evil

<strong>Devil Woman:</strong> I just saw this and thought it was so cute. It kinda reminded me of those Altoid ads with the devil lady. You want to be a sexy devil this year? This costume includes a red corset top, red skirt, choker and headband with devil horns for $35 through <a href=""></a>. Pitchfork, shoes and hosiery sold separately. </td> 

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Wonder Woo-mannn!

Wonder Woman: If you were like me (and around my age) you probably wanted to be Wonder Woman when you were a little girl, too. Twirled around like mad and sang, “Wonder Woo-mannn!” to transform into your favorite Amazon heroine. Well, for about $60 you can. At, this costume comes with the dress, boot tops, cape, tiara and gauntlets. If you want to do something with a bunch of your girlfriends, why not have super heroines vs. villianesses? Supergirl, Batgirl, Catwoman, Storm, Poison Ivy, etc.

Pop Culture ideas: Brad, Angelina and Jennifer; a pregnant Britney; cat-fighting Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie; Janice Dickinson.

Anyway, the point is to give yourself plenty of time to pull your costume together. There will be more choices available to you, you’ll have more time to search for the best price and you can still order it online. And if you do find everything is sold out, Google it as you’ll most likely find it at one of the other gajillion online costume stores, or try eBay.