Tim Burton's Corpse Bride: Dead on Arrival

— by Caroline on Crack

Corpse Bride

Let me just preface this review with, I was invited to this movie and had no interest in seeing it. I wasn’t crazy about Nightmare Before Christmas and this just looked like another cartoon targeted at those giggly Goth kids. But I had nothing better to do so… We went to see it at the AMC in Century City, which after this experience I decided is the worst place to see a movie. They show a gazillion commercials as there’s one “pre-show” show after another and mall rats tend to pour into the theater late when the previews already start. I guess I’m spoiled by theaters like Arclight where they don’t allow such behavior as they don’t let people come in 15 minutes after start time.

So about the movie: Corpse Bride was sooo boring! When the first musical number started I sank into my chair. The characters were singing about a wedding and how they were so excited about it, but already I didn’t care. I knew I was in trouble as I had 70 more minutes of movie time to go. It’s not like I don’t like feature-length animated movies. I do. I grew up on the Disney movies. It’s just this movie didn’t do it for me. However, my friend who went to see it another time loved it. She appreciated the nuances of the movie, i.e. how the world of the living was done up in muted colors while the land of the dead was colorful…ironically! She thought it was humorous, while only one tiny part ellicted a chuckle from me. And the only thing I could think about throughout the whole movie was, “Wow, that’s Johnny Depp? He sounds different. Good for him.”

It’s a light movie and maybe seeing it closer to Halloween would put you in the right mood to see it, but otherwise I did not like it. Apparently I’m the only one as Rottentomatoes.com gave it an 83% out of 100. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.