Vintage Vantage Tees: If It's Not Funny, You're Too Sensitive

— by Caroline on Crack

Vintage Vantage Tee
Funny ha-ha? or funny muhahahaha?

Having a so-called double whammy against me as a minority woman with an appreciation for low-brow humor, I have a bipolar reaction to what’s deemed politically incorrect humor: first raucous laughter, immediately followed by a gasp and a, “Heyyy, that’s not funny!” On one hand, I hate how they dubbed over the “Mammy Two-Shoes” character in Tom & Jerry cartoons, replacing her with a non-accented and thus less offensive voice, but on the other hand I can understand why they felt the need to do that. And yet why has it gotten to the point where it seems like everyone is easily offended and everyone is afraid to step on each other’s toes? Nowadays, I’m basically afraid of offending someone when I say, “Bless you” to their sneeze.

In any case, I was excited when I read about Vintage Vantage tees on Daily Candy.

…for the occasional trip down off-color memory lane, get yourself a T-shirt from Vintage Vantage — makers of new yet old-looking shirts that are equally offensive to all. The designs range from a trio of lady joggers and the slogan “Women, you can’t beat ’em!” to a man in an Indian headdress saying, “I have reservations.”

The Web site itself is a humorous lesson in the “fresh” and “not so fresh” with ’80s style layout, lingo and models. VV sells its own T-shirts ($22.50) and actual vintage tees ($27-$2,300*), but also auctions off vintage tees on eBay.

Me? I can’t decide between the “Why Can’t We Be Comrades?” tee or the “Let’s Hear It For Sign Language” one.

*Yes, folks, that’s $2,300 for a vintage Air Jordan T-shirt.