Oh, Sweet Cheez-us!: Campanile's Grilled Cheese Sandwich Thursday Nights

— by Caroline on Crack

I first heard about Campanile’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich Thursdays from a friend who only mentioned the event in passing. “What? Grilled cheese sandwich night?!” My ears perked up as I salivated. So of course I googled the event and even though it’s apparently been around for years (and there’s even a book about it), I couldn’t find anything substantial on it, as if all of L.A. were keeping this a secret from me. So I went to the restaurant’s Web site and it only offered the following:

Grilled Cheese Each Thursday evening, join Mark Peel as he shares Campanile’s famous grilled cheese sandwiches. From the classic grilled cheese to the Autostrada to the heirloom tomatoes with burrata and basil pesto, with a menu of twelve different sandwiches and a selection of appetizers.

I’ve heard the sandwiches can run about $14 but they come with hand-cut fries and a side salad. This Thursday night religious experience takes place in the bar and patio areas only and begins at 6pm. Reserve your spots in advance. This event is really popular…to those in the know.

Also, if you can’t get enough cheesy events, check out “Mozzarella Night” at Jar on Monday nights. It’s put on by Nancy Silverton of, surprise, surprise, Campanile fame.

For other special dining nights, go to LA.com for a list.

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