So-So Sunday: Brunch at Jar

— by Caroline on Crack

Jar _
That’s the hostess staring at me._

Soo, I went to Jar for brunch today. It was fancy. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. OK, and I guess the service was impeccable, but the prices were high for the small portions and the design was subdued if not a little ’70s-ish (just missing the shag carpet). I did like the fact that there were pieces of the L.A. Times as well as gossip rags to read with my coffee. I didn’t like that there was only one unisex bathroom. Yes, one toilet for the entire restaurant. I liked that coffee cake was Jar’s answer to bread and butter. And I was content with my order, albeit small order of English muffin French toast with bacon and Vermont syrup ($12) — it didn’t make me go “mmmmmm!” Oh h’yeah, $3 for a cup of coffee? But in all fairness, my friends did seem to love their order of lobster benedict ($16).

I don’t know…with all the other great choices for late breakfast/brunch in L.A., I just don’t think Jar is worth it. Maybe it’s because the restaurant is known as a steakhouse so that’s where its focus is.

But you can get a stack of plate-size pancakes and French press coffee at the Griddle Cafe just up the street on Sunset. Or a really tasty salmon scramble at Toast on 3rd Street (great baked goods selection, too!).

Or if you want to stick with fancy, how about Luna Park’s brunch? Green eggs and ham, anyone? Or what about brunch in a charming Craftsman house in Off Vine?

So many other better choices, especially in WeHo, and Jar just doesn’t rank up there for me. For those prices, I wanted to walk out of there feeling stuffed because the food was so good that I couldn’t stop eating the gigantic portions…but I guess I’d have to go elsewhere for that happiness.

8225 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 655-6566
Cross Street: North Harper Avenue