Broadway Bar: Later Happy Hour Addendum

— by Caroline on Crack

I keep hearing about the Broadway Bar downtown, located next to the Orpheum Theater, and wasn’t even sure it opened yet since CitySearch has yet to rate it. But perusing I read this:

During happy hour (Mon-Fri 5pm-9pm), each drink purchase earns a poker chip that can be redeemed for another free drink.

That’s right! Happy hour til _9_pm, baby! Sure it’s all the way in Downtown L.A. and it really depends on how badly you want to battle notorious rush-hour traffic to get to that free drink, but 1) the Broadway Bar is a new, hip joint (created by the guy who did the Golden Gopher and Liquid Kitty) done up as a tribute to the 1940s mobster era (sch-wank!) and 2) they have a jukebox!

There’s also an upstairs lounge, a smoking patio, a 50-foot circle bar as well as chandliers and a low-key vibe– all in this 4,000-square-foot space. Now, don’t be a jamook and get your ass ovuh der.

Broadway Bar
(photo from

830 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 614-9909
Cross Street: Eighth Street

There’s free parking after 7pm and street parking.

EDIT: So I finally checked this joint out. It’s all right. Turns out happy hour is only until 8pm and it’s $1 off all drinks as opposed to the second-drink-for-free reported above. A nice crowd of good-looking young professionals. Cute bartenders pour OK cocktails. No food available except the pizza you can have delivered–a regular occurence. The circle bar IS cool with a chandelier hanging over the liquor stand in the center of the ring. The only thing I really enjoyed about the Broadway Bar is that it’s close to my beloved Golden Gopher (which is run by the same people). So you can start the evening at BB and finish up at GG.