Chroma: My New Eyebrows

— by Caroline on Crack

Before and After

I look SO different! It’s amazing how dependent your look is on your eyebrows. Weird, I know but the other day I finally decided to splurge on my brows and go to this makeup studio in Beverly Hills that this woman from work goes to. She said that the brow expert she goes to works miracles. He can take a botched job where you overplucked and made your brows go every other way and transform them to something beautiful. It costs $30 to get your eyebrows done and when she told me that before I was like, “F- that, I can get it done at the nail salon for $7!” But this time I gave in. I was curious. So off we went in the middle of our work day to Chroma in Beverly Hills.

I sat in the chair first. My eyebrow guy is the owner of the place as well as the creator of his own line of make-up that they sell there. And he doesn’t use wax, he plucks the whole damn thing but it didn’t hurt at all. So I closed my eyes, leaned back in the chair and just totally gave myself over to him. I didn’t open my eyes until it was done. Until he shaped my brows, colored them with his brow makeup and finished them off with his brow fixer.

And when he stood back I finally opened my eyes and I looked in the mirror at a totally different person. It was so weird! I look more polished. I didn’t think my brows were that bad before but apparently, as the brow expert had said, “You needed a lot of work.” He plucked a lot and streamlined my brows and they look great.

In the end, I spent about $65. I bought his brow fixer (which I realize now I could have done without — you could probably just even use mascara lightly) and his eyebrow make-up (which I really love, the color matches my brows perfectly). Also, you can just buy an eyebrow brush with stiff bristles from any beauty supply store.

I don’t know if I’ll do this every month, it’s just another thing to add to my list of beauty rituals. It’s crazy how I just fell into all this stuff but, I hate to say it but, that’s L.A. Everyone seems waxed, buffed and polished, especially on the Westside. I look at it as maintenance, maybe not like going to the gym in terms of being healthy but definitely in terms of wanting to look good and feel good about myself.

Later I discovered that $30 for eyebrow waxing is actually a good price as every other “reputable” brow place charges $45 and up. So, good “deal”! AND men can think about going here too. The “brow experts” at Chroma know the fine line between groomed and borderline drag queen. So if a dude has extra bushy brows and just wants some shape, Chroma cuts, plucks a bit….and I don’t think they use brow make-up…but if you want to look more polished it could be worth it.

9605 Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-4401
(310) 274-2155
Cross Street: Camden Drive