Jelly Belly Wine Bar = Brilliant!

— by Caroline on Crack

You know how with Jelly Bellys you can pop a number of different flavored beans into your mouth and come up with root beer float or peanut butter sandwich? Well, this new wine bar thing takes it to another level so that you’re doing wine tastings with Jelly Bellys!

Skeptical? Check it out. It actually sounds like it could be good. They even go so far as to say that kids can learn about wine this way…but why would you want them to? Or why would THEY want to? To get started on the road to being a wine connoisseur at the age of 5? Uh, I dunno.

But I thought this could be a fun gift for winos with a sense of humor or who are young at heart.

From “Daily Candy”:

Belly Up

When it comes to describing your ideal mate, youre never at a loss for words. Finding a lifelong companion? Thats another story.

Which is the exact opposite of your relationship with wine. Finding a bottle you like? No prob. Describing it? Hmm, thats what we thought.

Wine X magazine understands your dilemma at least the liquid part. In the quest to demystify wine theyve teamed up with Jelly Belly candies to create the Jelly Belly Wine Bar.

Heres how it works: Choose one of the 30 or so grape varietals on the site and then order the kit with appropriately matched beans. Want to know more about Napa County zinfandels? Thatll be two raspberry, a blackberry, strawberry, cherry, pepper, vanilla, and chocolate Bellys. Malbecs got you curious? Pop blueberry, plum, raspberry, cherry, and pepper candies into your mouth.

Eat them all at once or chew em one at a time. Either way, youll be able to identify all of the flavors the next time you down a glass.

As for picking out the perfect partner? Youre on your own with that one.

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