The Fanciest Ice Cream Soda

— by Caroline on Crack

I wanna go here! This would be a fun place to meet someone for breakfast or to take the girls out for ice cream sodas!

From “Girl’s Guide to LA”:

“Beverly Hills Hotel Soda Fountain Shoppe”:
Where does a girl go when she wants to put on a pretty skirt, eat a hamburger and sip a chocolate malt with a boy? Why the Fountain Shoppe at the Beverly Hills Hotel, of course. For not only is it one of the fanciest fountain shoppes around, it’s also one of the best. In fact, I’ve become rather addicted to their unique California Burger with avocado, bacon and cheese. With specialties big in the 50’s – sodas, floats, malts – combined with todays fashions of gourmet coffees, fresh, healthy fruit smoothies and homemade baked goods (which are oh, so good), this coffee shop combines historical touches with modern flair. Restored to its 1950’s glamour, the pink bar stools make you feel like a (pretty) regular and there are, surprisingly, a lot of regulars. They come and read the paper whilst talking to their neighbour or the man behind the counter. Classic soda shoppe feel, right down to the curved counter top. It’s a historical landmark but don’t focus on that; focus instead on having great food, in a great atmosphere in an extraordinary way. A little flair to the regular burger experience. That’s what life’s about, no?

9641 Sunset Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 276-2251
Open daily 7am-7pm