Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

— by Caroline on Crack

I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and am still jumping up and down with joy from it. It was soo funny, but funny in the dark way that causes me to snicker behind my hand. Yes, as most of the critics have complained, it’s dark. But it’s true to Roald Dahl’s book not the Gene Wilder movie. And the fact that Tim Burton, Danny Elfman and Johnny Depp have come together to make this movie just makes a perfect tribute to the not-suitable-for-young-children genre. They mention cannibalism, kids are threatened with incineration and being devoured by squirrels and so on. But it was such a fun and funny movie. Johnny Depp was awesome and I just wonder how he decided to play Willie Wonka the way he did: a prudish dandy. The visuals were stunning and the first time Wonka leads the children into the first room with the chocolate river and all-things-edible, I gasped, reminded of my daydreams of what Candyland must be like if it really were to exist. And Burton’s choice of using one actor to represent all the Oompa-Loompas was brilliant. It was creepy and otherworldy, perfect for the alternate universe in the chocolate factory. In any case, I loved loved loved the movie and wish I could replay it but I guess I have to wait until it hits DVD. I think people who go to see this movie should bring a bag of jelly beans and a chocolate bar, just to make the experience interactive. OR afterward go get a chocolate martini. Yum! Ooh! Or Coldstone Creamery ice cream. I can go on and on….